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"In The Beginning’ Explained.... What’s My Purpose...?"


How to know for sure the Why’s and How’s of your struggle trying to figure out what to do with your life; what’s your Purpose; what’s your Destiny? and still aren’t quite sure, even though your loved ones think they know... It doesn’t quite fit what is in your heart...

I solve this riddle.


In less than an hour, I can check your Biorhythms using a very special pre-turn of the century logarithm system taught to me by my grandfather...


And I can tell you what the Universe wants you to know about what you came to this earthly plane to do. I guarantee* it.


Download the ebook “‘In The Beginning’ Explained… What’s My Purpose….?” right here to find out more or keep reading to book an appointment (limited openings).

What is my purpose anyway?


The sad fact is... most people don’t know and never do what they came here to do.


And still others find out rather late in life when they could have been enjoying their Destiny years, even decades sooner.


There is a way to know for sure what you came here to do. It will fill your heart with joy. It will have you leaping tall buildings in a single bound from being energized knowing you are serving your purpose.


It will bring you the happiness and heart-felt appreciation your very soul has been longing to feel.

No More Years of Time Wasting ‘Wrongness’ for YOU!


No more working at a job you really can’t stomach just because someone told you it’s got job security.


There is no job security. Times since 2008 have shown us that! ! !


No more struggling with higher education if it really won’t serve your Higher Purpose anyway. 


No more restlessness in your bones because you just know there’s something better ‘out there’ for you, somewhere.


No more causing your own headaches, tummy troubles, skin rashes and other health problems because you are driving yourself crazy trying to quiet the voice of your soul by not listening to it.

YOU Can Even Find Out How to Finally Rid Yourself of that Excess Muffin Top Fat!


No more excess fat on your body because you’re stuffing down your inner urges by over-eating to repress that subconscious ‘knowningness' that keeps telling you there’s a better way to get ahead.

10,000's helped by Dr. Lexis = Priceless!


Now, you can know for sure. Dr Lexis has helped tens of thousands of people just like you who knew the minute she told them, that what she said for them held ‘the truth’.


This, my friend, is Priceless Information. Life-changing. Mind-altering. 


This will save you time and money running on the hamster wheel of other people’s dreams for you.


This will give you the freedom to be the You, you came here to be.


It’s really quite simple. You click the link to set up an appointment with me and when we speak on the phone or skype, I’ve done all the hard work for you. I do all the heavy lifting of figuring it out.

How Dr. Lexis became "The Oracle" in her own words:


My Grandpa was born in the late 1800’s.

When I was a little girl he used to teach me from a very old book that he said was "Cosmo-Biology", although it had a lot of astrological symbols in it.


I thought it was magic


My brothers and even my mom and dad, thought it was mumbo-jumbo. But I loved my grandpa. He was very special to me. So I learned everything he taught me.


When I turned 16, the little book became mine. I took so much teasing from my brothers and others about the ‘hocus-pocus’ as they called it, when I told them things about themselves that they said someone must have told me. They didn’t believe I could know these things.

Science Proves the 'Hocus-Pocus':


Eventually I took a course to prove that maybe they were right...


And what I discovered was a secret that had been passed down through the ages.... to me!


A secret that has lead me on my journey of adventure in my own life.


It was mathematical using logarithms and very scientific…. with a dash of Magic thrown in for good measure!


You see this little book was very special. Although my Grandpa said he was German and had a German name, he insisted he was born in a part of the world that became the Ukraine, which either had become part of Russia or had been part of Russia. I’m not sure which because Grandpa sadly is no longer here for me to ask. 


In any case, the little book was written in English but was an ancient Russian ‘science’ that Grandpa said was practiced in the Middle Ages. He said that it was adapted from something that even the ancient Greeks and Romans used to use to predict the destinies of their royalty.


It sounded magical. I lapped it up. I studied it from cover to cover. I still have that little book (in fact I have three little books from my Grandpa, but that’s another story for another day.) I’ve never found anybody else that does the same thing that I learned in that little book. And I found that not everyone thought it was ‘hocus-pocus’.


Many people wanted to hear what I had to say and they offered me a lot of money to tell them.! ! Back in those days, I had no computers to figure out the numbers so I labored for hours trying to work with the number of hours in a day; minutes in an hour; and seconds in a minute to get the precise calculations that would give me the insights these “purpose-starved” folks wanted to hear.

What About Finding Mr Right, or Keeping Him?

What About My Health or the Lottery?


Many of them wanted to know their Purpose, it’s true.


Yet a great many wanted to know about their relationships. Would she say ‘yes’ if I asked her to marry? Was he “my Mr Right?”


Was it a good time to start a new business; go to school; take a long distance journey; and what about my health? 


All these questions were asked of me.


And time after time, I found myself studying harder, learning more, gaining more insight... and giving them answers they were wellsatisfied with.


Just listen to these testimonials... and these are just current people. I have testimonials dating back into the 1970’s from my happy clients.



"Again god has sent me an angel to deliver a message I needed to hear.I had the honor and privilege to speak with a wonderful woman Lexis Johnson. We had a 4 hour conversation that shifted my thinking, gave me clarity and brought me comfort.I am so thankful for my angels that come into my life!" (I do offer VIP Days that consist of 3-4 hours plus whatever information is necessary to manage the issues discussed in those VIP calls… Sharessa said my call made an $8000 difference in her life. It was my divine pleasure to work with her last week.)



”Dear Dr. Lexis, I just want to tell you how incredibly insightful our conversation was. Not only were you a wonderful person to talk to and to get to know, but also you were able to calm my nerves on subjects in my life that have been hanging over my head for quite some time. My initial problem was with my career and how lost I was going about it. Your reading was able to not only clear my path, but also gave me a rejuvenated “head start” in my business. Clearly, you have an insightful gift that was able to push me on the correct path I needed to be on. Thank you so much for your time and I am glad to have been blessed get to know you.”



“I recently had a cosmobiology reading with Dr. Lexis Johnson and it was phenomenal. Dr. Johnson was the guest speaker on a teleseminar regarding cosmobiology and during her talk callers were invited to ask questions. Callers were informed to have their birthdate, time and place ready along with any specific questions they had. Even though I have had psychic readings and my astrologocial chart read before I was amazed by the detail and personal information Dr. Johnson was able to give each of the callers and felt compeled to have an individual session with her. I was not disappointed. On the day of our call I gave Dr. Johnson my necessary information so that she could pull up my birth chart on her computer, and then she asked me what I wanted to know. My questions revolved around relationships and career. Dr. Johnson gave me very detailed information and even though we had never met or spoken before she seemed to know me. She was able to tap into my past and present and the fears that blocked me from obtaining my future desires. The whole experience was heartfelt and clarified the steps I need to take next. I found Dr. Johnson to be very intuitive and genuine and would recommend a session with her without hesitation.”



"Dr. Lexis, I wanted to thank you for your amazing many gifts that you provide so many people. You have assisted me in discovering my true self. Your energy work has not only provided me with attunements to align my own etheric system, but you were able to see what my physical body was in need of. You advised me that I was in need of enzymes and too alkaline my body for optimal health. So I did this. Not only did it assist in losing weight, but feeling better in my body as well as my mind. By Alkalizing my body I was able to resist most colds and flues that everyone else around me had. It assisted with the numbing in my hands to finally be relieved. It literally assisted me with healing a digestive system that I’ve struggled with since 2003 that not even the surgeries I had helped with. So together with the enzymes, alkalizing my body- and using the energy healing methods you taught me- I’m in the best health I’ve ever experienced. I appreciate you sharing your education, knowledge, experience and most of all- your natural intuitive and energy gifts with all of us who seek to enhance our lives. I love that you are drawn to teach women how to enrich their lives through self empowerment. You coach them to use the tools they already have to get to the core of who they truly are. You guide them to fall in love with them- so in return it attracts abundance of love in their lives- in all ways. I’m blessed for having crossed paths with you, and I thank you with the upmost appreciation for all that you have worked with me on."



"I am a real woo woo gal. I loved everything Lexis had to offer and she even gave me my very own meditation she invented just for me. Oh and I lost 15 pounds too, but that’s not nearly as important to me as the way she taught me to manifest. Now whenever I want anything, I pull out one of Lexis’ incantations or invocations and before I know it, I’ve got what I wanted. Oh and I manifested the love of my life too. Woo hoo!"



"Lotions and potions and magic words, oh my!! lol That’s what I started calling all the herbal droppers and special activations that Lexis sent me. She was great. She was there for me whenever I needed her. I loved her diet, even though it was a complete change from what I was used to. It worked. The colors, the aromas, the invocations they all worked. I’m 43 pounds lighter and 7 pounds away from my target goal in only 5 months." 



"I was a nervous wreck after my divorce. I lost so much weight from the stress that I didn’t look like the same person. Dr Lexis told me she could help me gain weight and be my ideal self again. I couldn’t believe I could get such dramatic results so quickly but I did. I started to sleep better, feel less anxious within days and I gained 10 pounds. Most people want to lose but I was scarily too skinny. Now I feel great and I look great. Oh and her meditations and workbook helped me make a blueprint to manifest the love of my life and I think I just met him! There’s nothing like love to make your skin glow. Or is that part of the new diet?" 



"The anxiety could have been 1 of 2 things. My sister in Southern California is having surgery today and I have been concerned about her. I wish I could have been there with her. I'm also a Mother Earth intuitive so my energy field picks up on the larger earthquakes and other earth related disturbances. There was a 6.0 quake in Fiji the day after my attunement, so I was probably picking up on that, however, usually when I have nausea the way I did, it usually involves water. Thank you for validating that I have the gift to be a good energy worker. I've been a Reiki Master for several years and have been able to assist people with chakra balancing and "healing". I was drawn to Chios because I felt it taught more about the aura than Reiki did. I know you have studied many modalities yourself, and probably agree that each one provides us a step closer and deeper to Source energy! I will always consider myself a life long student even when I am teaching! Thank you also for the beautiful description of my aura! It really warmed my heart :) I will answer the questions for section 1 and get those to you in the next day or two. Thank you so much for the 1st attunement. It was very beneficial. Many Blessings."



"Thank you for all the information and your kind words! I guess I was just confused because anything I've done like this in the past whether it be energy work or my first and only attunement for Reiki was done in person or by phone. Whatever, it's all good. I am feeling more of a connection with my clients today (I am a massage therapist). I have been noticing blue pops of light around my hands recently (before the attunement) and flashes or streaks of blue around the table when I work. The colors were more often and stronger today. Kinda strange, don’t know what that's all about. Anyhoo, feeling more grounded and at peace today too! In regards to seeing heartache for me, yes I resonate with that. And it has been in this lifetime. I keep thinking that I'm not carrying it with me anymore and that I've forgiven them but it keeps coming up for me that there is something that I am not letting go of... I wish I could. Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to practicing on some friends/family soon!"



"I was very calm and relaxed and for awhile after the attunemaent I felt sleepy but then became energized. I did much more housework then I usually do on Sundays. LOL! But, the EXCITING part is... I did my first healing session today and it went surprisingly well. I performed it on a friend, whom I have told nothing about the class. I have started working with crystals and for all she knew that was what I was practicing. When I did the passing of the hands down the body, I felt a cool breeze near the throat chakra. I actually thought the door had opened. I checked it a second time and it was even more cool. I was so surprised to get a reaction the first treatment. I was very pleased and excited. As I held the crown chakra I started welling up with tears for no apparent reason and then that emotion went away and I finished the rest of the chakra's, but at the very end the same thing happened. I felt it was her sadness coming through. Do you think that could be possible? After the session was over and we were talking in the office before I mentioned it to her, she asked me if I saw her crying. I did not. She said she felt very sad and didn't know why. She also said she felt absolutely drained but good at the same time. When she walked out of the treatment room she was really coughing and she said that she is like that every morning when she gets up. I think she is bottling her feelings and not expressing them and that is why I felt the coolness at the throat chakra. She also said that she felt a different sensation when I was around her throat "almost pain, but not really". We then went to lunch and shopping and she kept saying that she feels so much better. I still have not told her what I am doing. I don't want her to have any preconceived notions and just want honest feedback from her. She is very good about it . She has always been my guinea pig through the years when I am learning something new and she never ask questions. Be Well."





There’s only one thing I must tell you....


I only have very limited time for doing these CosmoBiology Oracle Readings...


I’m truly very sorry because it fills my heart with joy bringing this knowledge of the Universe, of your HIgher Consciousness to you.... But there are only so many hours in the day and I do enjoy doing other fun things too!


Plus, it takes a lot of my energy to tune in to your energies to access the Higher Knowledge that often comes through in the form of your Angels, Guides or your Higher Self.... I cannot guarantee that part, yet it happens more often than it doesn’t... And that’s the reason it is so damn accurate!


I’ll be actually telling you what your Higher Soul, your Inner Self... Your Super Conscious wants you to know... so you can go and make a difference in the world. And I can tell you what Cycle you are in so you’ll know when is the best time to implement your purpose.


But you’ve got to hurry. I’m in the process of writing a book about this and I need to spend my time writing and publishing it. That is a time-consuming project.... So I have opened up only a handful of spots. I figure helping some of you is better than not helping any of you, so I’m willing to see a very few of you at this time...! ! I have 30 spots available. That’s like one spot a day for a month!... Will you be one of the lucky few...? Download my Ebook now and book an appointment before time runs out and all the spots are taken. ! ! What have you got to lose...? Except that boring old job you hated anyway! Don’t waste another second.... 



PS! I forgot to mention the very best part.... The first 7 people to sign up and book a call with me, will get an extra 10 minutes with me to ask me a second spur-of-the-moment question. I can’t do a second chart for another person, but as long as the answers are contained within your chart, I will honor the first 7 folks with some extra answers to their long-held unanswered questions. Isn’t it time you finally found out the truth about what your Soul wants for you? Come on... This information is priceless and.... you know, ya wanna...!! ! *PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST KNOW YOUR DAY, MONTH, YEAR, PLACE AND TIME OF BIRTH TO BE ELIGIBLE. I may still be abel to do a cycle analysis chart for you without the exact time but I cannot be as explicit.... and therefore it may not be as detailed a reading for you, yet you’ll still get plenty of insight on our call together. What a great adventure for you!

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